About OneSala

OneSala is the top Cambodian e-learning platform for students, content creators, and people who want to expand their knowledge.

OneSala provides a digital platform for institutions, training centers and industry-leading experts to share knowledge, tips and tricks, and expertise in the form of video contents. We also enable trainers and instructors to earn extra income for their on-going commitment in producing educational contents for the world. Our platform creates a means to distributing knowledge in a more productive and meaningful way.

Students will be able to use OneSala app as a supporting tool for their lesson reviews, self-learning, and upgrading their skills from anywhere they are via internet. They can also request to become a trainer and teach on our platform as well.

We also provide advertising service for any third-party brand looking to promote their products. Advertisements are curated by our staffs to ensure they fit the guideline and policies of the App Store.

Here are the top features of OneSala:

  • Xclusive: subscription plans to gain access to all our partnered courses
  • Comment section: enable students to ask teacher for further details or information
  • Offline video: download lessons to learn a later time or when you don't have access to the internet
  • Test: take in-course tests to reinforce your learning
  • Dark mode: stay focused and learn in any lighting condition

OneSala will create a cheaper and more meaningful way for knowledge sharing and learning. OneSala platform is founded by Instinct Co., Ltd in collaboration with Instinct Institute, Cambodia.