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Leadership Intensive Course
Meta Marketing Associate 100-101
Leadership Course
Project Management Course
Trade and Transport Linkage
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Basic Logistics Course
Trade and Transport Linkage
Incoterms 2010/2020
Mode of Air  Transport
International Sale Contract
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing
Meta Marketing Associate 100-101
Facebook MarketingOneSala Logo
Secrets Competitors Do Not Want You To Know
Selling with Stories and Names
Motivate Sales in Difficult Situation
វគ្គ ៣ដ (មាន០៦ភាគ)
Web Development
SQL For Beginners

SQL For Beginners

Phok Chanrithisak
UI/UX Design with Figma
Bootstrap (Frontend Development)
Network & Security
CCNA Level1OneSala Logo
CCNA Level2OneSala Logo
Computer Network Fundamentals
Ethical Hacking And Pentest
Basic Web Application Security
Mobile Development
Android Native App Development Level 1OneSala Logo
Flutter 2 Level1OneSala Logo
Flutter 2 Level2OneSala Logo
Basic Augmented Reality AR With Flutter 2OneSala Logo
Flutter 3
Android Native App Development Level 2OneSala Logo
Desktop Application Development with C#OneSala Logo
IOS-Native Level1OneSala Logo
IOS-Native Level2OneSala Logo
Flutter 2 Quick StartOneSala Logo
General Knowledge
Leadership Intensive Course
PowerPointOneSala Logo


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Phoung Phearak
QuickBooks-Part I Service Company
Leadership Course
Project Management Course
Microsoft WordOneSala Logo
Managing And Problem Solving
Graphic Design
Basic  3D Animation in Maya
Blender 3D
UI/UX Design with Figma
Adobe IllustratorOneSala Logo
Adobe PhotoshopOneSala Logo
Cinema 4D
Adobe PremiereOneSala Logo
After EffectOneSala Logo
Kid Education
ក្មេងតូចគីម Little Kim
English For Kindergarten Course
2D Animation Between
2D Animation Color
Python Complete Foundation CourseOneSala Logo
Java FundamentalOneSala Logo
3Ds Max Basics for Architects Tools
Sketch Up

Sketch Up

Seng Longdy


Seng Longdy
Health & Fitness
Yoga For Lady: Yoga practice during menstruation

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